All The Available Features In Knockout City

EA’s recently released dodgeball game has something unique to offer to all gamers.

The most colorful and age-friendly game of 2021, Knockout city is definitely worth checking out. EA’s Knockout City is free on all platforms till the 30th of May. The game has multiple modes you can check it out right now by downloading it for free using Origin or Epic games store. We have made a list of the features available in Knockout City below.

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Knockout City Features-

You can customize your character outfits, hairstyles, gliders, taunts, and even KO effects. You can unlock these by gaining more experience, leveling up, and doing challenges. Furthermore, Knockout City, for now, includes Team KO, Face-Off, Diamond Dash, KO Chaos, and Ball-Up Brawl modes.

Moreover, each game will contain a normal and a special dodgeball out of the four special balls currently in the game. There are a total of five unique multiplayer maps and six different dodge balls in Knockout City now. Each special ball has its own unique superpower, which will help you get more KOs and points.

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In fact, players will also get new content with each season in the game. The game is free right now, Season 1 releases tomorrow, and everyone can jump in and unlock and claim rewards. The game is available for free for all platforms till 30th May but, after that, you will have to pay $19.99 to play the game. There is also a deluxe version available for $29.99, which includes cosmetics and more for fans.

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