All Skins added in the 15.20 Fortnite Update

Fortnite fans are happy to receive the 15.20 update after more than a month. The update brought a new shotgun, new exotics, many changes, and tons of skins as well.

There are not that many skins added into the 15.20 Update. In total there are a total of 5 new skins that have been decrypted. The Predator skin has not been decrypted yet so no images can be seen of that. Some of the skins that got added are part of a bundle while others are standalone that can be purchased through the item shop.

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The first skin that got added is a male version of the Battle Pass skin, Lexa. This male version is called Orin and will be available in the item shop pretty soon. We don’t know much about this skin yet but seems like it will have only one style and no changeable style like the Lexa skin.

The Trinity skin comes next as it is not part of any bundle and is a variant of a standalone skin. It will be available in the item shop for 800 V-bucks.

Next, we have the Ruby Shadows skin which is a reskin of the original Ruby. This skin comes with a glider and pickaxe and will be part of the Next-Gen starter pack. That means only people with the PS5 and XboxSeries X/S will be able to buy this bundle for real money.

Another bundle that got added is the Tess Bundle which seems to have a skin, a glider, a weapon wrap, and backbling. This skin bundle might be part of the starter pack similar to the ones we get in every season.

The new Mecha Constructor Bundle is the STW bundle that has a 1k V-bucks reward and also gives access to Fortnite STW mode. This pack can only be bought through the STW item shop and comes with an extra style a backbling, challenges for 1k V-bucks and a trap skin for STW.


Sadly only one emote got added in the 15.20 Fortnite update. The emote is called “Fancy Footwork” and it’s traversal.


The new pickaxes that got added are given below. There is not much to talk about them.

The pickaxe’s in-game view can be seen below to understand how they will truly look like.

The Predator Spray and Banner:

The Predator Spray and Banner also got added with the new 15.20 Fortnite update. This confirms that the Fortnite Season 5 secret skin will be the Predator. We don’t know anything else about the skin but it can be fully unlocked on January 20 according to some leakers.

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