All Overwatch Hero Cosmetics can be purchased in upcoming limited-time event

With the launch of Overwatch 2 coming ever closer, Blizzard has decided to make every single hero cosmetic available to purchase in the base game for a limited time.

Those who missed out on the chance of getting their favorite skins from previous seasonal events can finally complete their collection this week. Fans of the original game and those gearing up for the sequel can take full advantage of this because skins and cosmetics from Overwatch 1 are confirmed to get carried over to Overwatch 2.

Aside from the basic cosmetics, the bulk of the Hero cosmetics obtainable in Overwatch come from seasonal events. These events recur at the same time period every year, and each new iteration brings in a tasteful collection of new skins and other cosmetics. You also get the chance to buy these limited-time skins from the current seasonal event and skins for all the previous yearly seasonal events of the same name.

After the event ended, there was no way to purchase those skins until the next yearly event. However, a deviation from this was Overwatch’s Anniversary event which allowed the purchase of skins from any event and the previous anniversary events. This upcoming Limited time event will allow just that, giving you the chance to get your favorite skins that you missed out on in previous events.

Limited time event Start and End Dates

Start Date and Time: September 13th 11.00 AM (PDT)/ September 13th, 6.00 PM (GMT)
End Date and Time: October 2nd 11.59PM (PDT) / October 3rd, 6:59 AM (GMT)

So those who want to complete their skin collection and prepare for Overwatch 2 can grind out some credits and buy their favorite skins in this upcoming event.

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