All Nursery Rhyme Doll Locations: Alan Wake 2

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Here are all the locations of the Nursery Rhyme Dolls in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 is Remedy Entertainment’s latest third-person survival horror game. Thirteen years after the best-selling horror novelist Alan Wake went missing, a sequel of strangely connected murders takes place in the town of Bright Falls, Washington DC.

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Little did everyone know that these strings of events were all written by Alan Wake himself in an attempt to escape from this captivity.

Step into the shoes of both Alan Wake and FBI Agent Saga Anderson as they deal with their own horror-riddled stories. One tries to escape the twisted dimension he is trapped in, while the other finds herself tangled in a horror murder mystery.

Whether you play as Alan Wake or Saga Anderson first, you must solve numerous puzzles throughout the game by discovering clues and solving riddles. All of this while you fight for your life against supernatural entities and monsters along the way.

In Alan Wake 2, nursery rhymes and charms are one of the major parts of the game’s side quests. Not only do you have to find these riddles or Nursery Rhymes scattered throughout the map, but you also have to find dolls required to solve the Nursery Rhymes.

Therefore, if you’re facing difficulties finding all the dolls for solving the riddles, don’t worry. We got you!

All Nursery Rhyme Doll Locations in Alan Wake 2

There are 8 Nursery Rhyme Dolls you can find in Alan Wake 2.

1. Crow Doll

Alan Wake 2 Crow Doll

You will find the Crow Doll on a picnic bench, which is to the west side of the private cabin on your map. Look at the picture of the map below for reference.

2. Wolf Doll and Hero Doll

Alan Wake 2 Wolf and Hero

You can find both the Hero and Wolf dolls inside the Witchfinder’s Station. Head in and go upstairs to the room on your right. There, you can find both dolls.

3. Moose Doll and Deer Doll

Alan Wake 2 Moose Doll and Deer Doll

The next puzzle will require you to collect the Moose doll and the Deer Doll. You can find both in the same area, as shown in the picture below. The Deer Doll will be on the box with dials, and the Moose Doll will be on a wooden pallet.

4. Wise Elder Doll and Bear Doll

Alan Wake 2 Wise Elder Doll and Bear Doll

You can find the Wise Elder Doll and Bear Doll at the bottom right side of the map, at the end of the Lighthouse Trailer Park. Both the dolls are in the fish cleaning station. You should be able to find them easily if you look beside the sink.

5. Mother Doll and Child Doll

Alan Wake 2 Mother Doll and Child Doll

The Mother and Child dolls are also near the fish cleaning station. Go to the docks south of the map and look at the green bench at the beginning of the dock. You should be able to find both the dolls there.

6. Trickster Doll

Alan Wake 2 Trickster Doll

The trickster doll is just right of the map from the docks. Head to the watery lighthouse in the area and look for the stairs leading to its entrance. The doll is sitting right on the top of the first flight of stairs.

7. Maiden Doll and Monster Doll

Alan Wake 2 Maiden Doll and Monster Doll

The Maiden and the Moster doll are inside the ranger cabin northwest of the map. However, getting these dolls requires you to obtain the Screwdriver first.

After you have the screwdriver, break the lock and head upstairs to the bedroom on the right. The dolls are right on top of the table beside the window.

8. Father Doll

Alan Wake 2 Father Doll

The Father Doll only appears after you complete all the 16 Nursery Rhyme puzzles and obtain the boltcutter. Once you do, head for the rental cabins east and use your bolt cutters to break the chain blocking the entrance.

Once inside, you can find a nursery rhyme in one of the cabins. Solve it, and look for an FBC container near the charm reward. The Father Dolls is in that container.

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