All New Leaked Cosmetics From Fortnite Patch 13.20 Update

Fortnite patch 13.20 just got released and a lot of new skins and cosmetics have been added to the game files.

Every Fortnite update we have a lot of new things to look forward to. Especially a lot of new skins and cosmetics and emotes etc. This 13.20 update is no exception. A lot of new cosmetic items were added with the latest update.

Although it is not as much as the 13.00 update which saw an addition of more than 200 cosmetic items. This update is also very significant.

Thanks to leakers we already know all the cosmetic items that are going o be coming in the next few weeks. Fortnite 13.20 leaked cosmetics are given below.

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Patch 13.20 Leaked Skins:

Epic Games added 12 new skins to this patch. Thanks to Fortnite data-miner Lucas7Yoshi we get to see them right away. The newly added back-blings for these skins can also be seen.

All Leaked Wraps and Music Packs

We can also see the leaked new wraps and lobby music thanks to him.

13.20 leaked wraps
Fortnite 13.20 leaked wraps

Cyber Dom on Twitter leaked the music pack sound.

All New Skin Variants That Got Added

Some of the previous skins got new variants added to them.

Fortnite 13.20 variants

All New Leaked Emotes

Lucas7Yoshi also shared a video showing all the leaked new emotes that are coming to the game.

Epic surely knows how to make people keep spending money on their game. With all these additional skins people are sure to buy them because they just look very good.

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