All New Cosmetics Items Added in the Fortnite 14.30 Update

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite 14.30 update is now live and it added a ton of new cosmetics, emotes and skin bundles to the game files. Here are all the leaked cosmetics items that are coming soon.

With the release of the latest 14.30 update, we saw the leakers get to work uncovering all of the upcoming skins, cosmetics, and emotes that were added. And we have a bunch of new skins coming to the shop soon. More than 10 skins, 2 emotes, 3 skin bundles and much more were added to the game files in this update.

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The skins that are not part of any bundle could be coming pretty soon to the item shops. They are given below-

The Daredevil skin is coming out on October 17th according to leaks. The skin will have 2 edit styles. Players who participate in the Daredevil cup and top place in their regions can get this skin for free. The skin will come in a bundle later in the item shop.

Cosmetics Fortnite 14.30 daredevil
Fortnite Daredevil Bundle Credit: Epic Games/ Firemonkey twiier

We also have the Grimoire, Pitstop, and storm racer skin coming. The pitstop and storm racer skin might be released with the new Rally Royale LTM coming later this week.

Skin Bundles:

We also got new skin bundles added to the game files. Epic might release these bundles as part of the Fortnitemares update. At this time we don’t know if they will be Vbucks or real money.

The Nintendo Switch exclusive Wildcat skin was also added to the game files. So the bundle might be available soon.


Two new emotes were added to the game files in the latest 14.30 update. We got the Blinding Lights emote and the ‘Witch way’ emote. The ‘witch way’ emote is traversal.

New Variants:

Some old skins and accessories got new variants added to them. They are-

Newly added variants Credit: Firemonkey twitter

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