All New Cosmetic Items Added in The New Fortnite 13.30 Update

Fortnite 13.30 update just dropped with a bunch of new cosmetic found in the game files.

Epic Games’ new update brings new things to the game and also many new cosmetic items to the game. Players will be able to get these cosmetics when they eventually release in the item shop for VB. They can use these cosmetics to show off their style in-game.

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Epic Games has added 14 skins to the 13.30 update. Although some of these skins might inspire an old debate whether they should be edit styles or new skin. We are going to leave that discussion for later.

SKins added in 13.30 update
Credit: Lucas7Yoshi

First is the galaxy Scout skin. This skin will be in the item shop at a later date after the Galaxy Cup ends. The skin has a similar theme to the Galaxy skin given exclusively to Samsung device owners in chapter 1.

Next, we have the dummy skin. This skin was teased in a teaser and the model for it was seen in the game previously. This skin resembles a crash test dummy.

The Sandshark driver is possibly a off-road driver themed outfit.

Shore leave is another secret agent like skin featuring big face protection glasses and a mask.

Tropical Punch Zoey is a reskin of the famous Zoey skin from season 4 battle pass. She features a colorful combination of clothes and hair.

Summer Fable is once again a reskin of the Fable skin from season 6. She has the same scarlet hair as the original skin but features modern summer style clothing this time around.

Unpeely is probably the funniest skin out of all the skin added in the Fortnite 13.30 update. This is the peeled version of the Peely skin. Some people might argue this should be an edit style for the Peely skin.

Sizzle is the female counter part to the Beef Boss skin released in chapter 1.

Barracuda and Waveripper feature similar dark style typical agent like clothing featured many times before in Fortnite.

Party Star, Party Diva, and Party MVP are once again a reskin of the Nightlife skin with different heads and slightly different patterns.

There is also a male astronaut skin that is probably going to be a new henchman. It might also come to the item shop at some point.


Backblings were also added for the skins.

backblings added in 13.30 update
Credit: Lucas7Yoshi


Pickaxes that were added in this patch

pickaxes added in 13.30 update
Credit: HybridLeaks_FN

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