All Map Fragments Location in Elden Ring

Find all the map fragments in Elden Ring to clear all fog and explore the open world with ease.

Elden Ring brings a lot of change and new mechanics to the classic FromSoftware formula. One of which is the map that you use to navigate the world. But there’s a catch when you start your adventure; you’ll notice that your map is blank, covered by fog. Well, you can’t expect it to be simple in Elden Ring.

Different areas on this map are gradually unlocked by obtaining Map Fragments. As the name suggests, these Map Fragments are pieces of a map that unlock the entire area of that location. With it, you’ll see the area you found it in is now clear and detailed, showing all topography, structures, POIs, etc. Hence, it is an essential piece of item that you should always look for if you want to traverse better and explore all types of loot.

Map Fragments are always found in front of a Guide Stele, a large carved stone. These structures are, in turn, located near roads and pathways. Moreover, as you explore a new area, the part will become visible around the map. Always try traveling through pathways and also keep an eye on the map to see if any Guide Stele location reveals itself as you explore places around it.

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This guide will help you find all the Map Fragments in Elden Ring so that you can complete your map as soon as possible and explore all nooks and crannies in the game.

Locations of Map Fragments in Elden Ring

West Limgrave

Found around Gatefront Ruins, along the path to Stormveil Castle. You will see a Guide Stele next to a Stormveil camp, filled with enemies. Grab the Map Fragment from here.

East Limgrave

Head South East of Limgrave, and follow through the path to Mistveilveil Forest. You will find a Guide Stele with a Map Fragment near it.

Weeping Peninsula

Keep walking on the road towards Morne Castle. You will not miss the Guide Stele with the map Fragment here. Be careful of the Giant Golem constantly firing huge arrows at you, be quick on your feet to avoid it until you get away.

East Liurnia

The Guide Stele for East Liurnia is located southwards, at the swamps. For reference, the area is near a large body of flowers, as always watch out for some pesky enemies.

West Liurnia

You will find the Guide Stele with the Map Fragment at the western-most road of Liurnia that leads to Caria Manor. It is rather easy than most as the area is relatively safe.

North Liurnia

Head to Raya Lucaria Academy by traveling west along the road that goes in that direction. The Guide Stele is located near the Academy Gate Town, alongside a Site of Grace.

Altus Plateau

Travel north along the road from the center of the area. As you reach the Minor Erdtree, just at the side of the road, a Map Fragment and Guide Stele is placed.


Be well prepared when you choose to travel to this location. Keep moving along the main road till you reach a split path leading to Redmane Castle. You’ll notice a Guide Stele and a Map Fragment on the right, but the area is surrounded by large crow enemies that are not so easy to takedown.

Royal Capital of Leyndell

The Guide Stele for this area is located towards the southeast, up the giant staircases. The path is long and filled with enemies. Use your trusty spirit steed, Torrent, to move past all of it. Beyond the door that is guarded by the Tree Sentinels, you will find what you’re looking for. A Map Fragment at a Guide Stele.

Additionally, there is also a Site of Grace and two Golden Seeds.

Mt. Gelmir

At the southwest of Mt.Gelmir, finish the boss fight in the large crater and find a Map Fragment.

West Mountaintops of the Giants

The Map Fragment for the western side of the Mountaintops of the Giants is unmissable. Once you climb the mountain using the lift, you will find it right next to the Site of Grace.

East Mountaintops of the Giants

Once you reach the Guardians’ Garrison camp in the center of this area and take care of the enemies, head south till you reach the chain bridge; cross this bridge to find a Site of Grace and a Guide Stele with a Map Fragment. The enemies here can turn out to be quite a handful.


Probably the most challenging Map Fragment is found in Dragonbarrow since this place is filled with dangerous enemies along with dragons. Carefully head west of the Minor Erdtree and follow the road situated slightly north from the center of the area to find the Map Fragment.

Ainsel River

This is an underground area attached to the Liurnia of the Lakes. Find the map structure quickly, placed among a large building by heading southwest from the area, along a path. This place is filled with enemies in addition to another giant monster that shoots down multiple projectiles.

Siofra River

Another underground but this time, it is attached to East Limgrave. You will find the Map Fragment quite easily next to a giant staircase. One of the most simple to obtain Map Fragments in Elden Ring

Mohgwyn Palace

This is a secret area with a very difficult boss fight. Get down the hill on the right side of the Palace Approach Grace. Go straight until you reach the body of water. From here, head left and enter the ruins that you will eventually come across. Climb up the stairs to find a corpse holding the Map Fragment.

Lake of Rot

You will find this Map Fragment south from the Lake of Rot Shoreside Grace on a dead body.

Deeproot Depths

Head north from the center of the area towards the pavilion. You will find the Map Fragment for Deeproot Depths here.

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