All Legendary Talismans Locations in Elden Ring

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Hello Adventurer! Seeking the locations of the Legendary Talismans in Elden Ring? Let me show you de way.

We live in a society with mood swings like Pedro Pascal every time we face a damned foe in Elden Ring. And wait, things get worsen every time. Until I find a strategy ourselves or get help from friends or foes, gameplays from top YouTubers are my dinner-time shows.

Leave me with my miseries. Let’s talk about the Talismans today. Talismans are something that you fill up with one of your slots. Oh, other than that, these have varieties of defensive, offensive, and other utility effects. Sounds spicy, huh? Some are loot-ables, drop-ables, and sometimes even purchase-able. All these for a drop of blood? Nah, all these for damage buffs.

All Legendary Talismans Locations

Drop the word “Legendary” before any in-game items; stings, doesn’t it? Well, for those who need the Legendary Talismans Trophy award, this guide is definitely for you and those who just want to seek what lies beneath those mountains. Win-win for both as these Legendary Talismans come with Legendary stats.

Anyway, there are 8 of them, and Google maps do not do a great job tracking down these. So, here I am. Let’s fetch the locations of these Legendary Talismans in Elden Ring.

Radagon Icon

  • Effect: The more the attributes rise, the more increases the taken damage.

Head to the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Find the South Raya Lucaria Gate to enter. You will need the Academy Glinstone Key for the gate. Just the time you enter, You will find Red Wolf of Radagon waiting for you to have a “cup of tea” over a family-friendly fight. After the knockout, head to the courtyard from the Debate Parlor Site of Grace. Drift to the right (*Tokyo Drift Theme intensifies) and jump to the balcony.

See the ladder? Climb up already till you find the broken glass window. Get inside and walk to the north section. You have seen the chest and have acquired the Radagon Icon by this time.

radagon icon talisman location elden ring
Debate Parlor Site of Grace

Radagon’s Soreseal

  • Effect: The more the attributes rise, the more increases the taken damage.

Ride to the Fort Faroth, North of Caelid. From the site of grace, enter into the fort. You will find the ladder. Get on climbing to the roof. Now, jump into the last hole on the floor. Run if you want to survive the rat plague. Jump just at the end of the line, and you will reach another platform. Another rat plague? Avoid or evade. Walk to the dead end, and you will find the Soreseal.

radagons soreseal talisman location elden ring
Fort Faroth, North of Caelid

Godfrey Icon

  • Effect: Skills and Charged spells get greatly enhanced

Get the Stonesword Key at first. Then head to the Golden Lineage Evergaol in the Altus Plateau region. You are going to need the key to proceed. Now, you got to face Godfrey the Grafted. He will generously donate you the Godfrey Icon after getting fallen.

godfrey icon talisman location elden ring
Altus Plateau region

Moon of Nokstella

  • Effect: Memory slots increase by 2 units.

Reach to the highest section in the Nokstella, Eternal City of Grace. Well, before that, complete The quests of Ranni to get access here. Now, head west of the western edge. You will find some goons guarding the chest with the Talisman. Get them on your knees and achieve the Moon.

moon nokstella talisman location elden ring
Ranni’s Rise, Nokstella

Old Lord’s Talisman

  • Effect: Duration of spells get extended.

Head to the Great Bridge Site of Grace. Instead of facing the Beast Clergyman, go to the opposite way down that goes to a building. Go down the ladder, and you will find a bridge eventually. This bridge is rounded up with the chest that contains the Old Lord’s Talisman.

old lords talisman location elden ring
Great Bridge Site of Grace

Marika’s Soreseal

  • Effect: The more the attributes rise, the more increases the taken damage.

Reach to the Prayer Room Site of Grace, Elphael. Keep heading down until you reach the very bottom. You will find a gate that needs to be opened with Stonesword Key. Well, get one before reading through this guide. Now, you will find an altar containing the Talisman.

marikas soreseal talisman location elden ring
Prayer Room Site of Grace

Dragoncrest Greatshield

  • Effect: Physical damage negation gets significantly boosted.

Find yourself in the Drainage Channel Site of Grace. Head outside from there by the exit to the east. Follow the tree roots that surf to a building. Look for a hole and jump right into it. You will find the talisman in a chest just at the left ledge.

dragoncrest greatshield talisman location elden ring
Drainage Channel Site of Grace

Erdtree’s Favor +2

  • Effect: Maximum amount of HP, stamina, and arsenal get increased.

Head to the Forbidden Lands Site of Grace in the Ashen Capital. Take the elevator inside and reach the top floor. Walk to the far west. You will find another elevator that will take you down. On the top of a dead tree, Erdtree’s Favor version 2 will be guarded by two large-sized goons.

erdtrees favor talisman location elden ring
Forbidden Lands Site of Grace

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