All Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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Here is a complete list of all the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

There is much to do after finishing the story in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. Players can go on a hunt to catch all the Legendary Pokemon available in the game.

Legendary Pokemon are amongst the toughest Pokemon to catch in the game. If you thought encountering them was a nightmare, catching them is a lot more complicated. So, we have made a complete guide on how you can catch all of the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

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List of All the Legendary Pokemons

There are around twenty-four Legendary Pokemon in the game, which you can catch. Some Pokemon are exclusive to each game, but some are available in both games. Apart from being robust, Legendary Pokemon also gives your rooster the rarity everyone desires when playing a Pokemon Game. Below is the complete list of all the Legendary Pokemon and which game you might find them in.

  1. Dialga: Only in Brilliant Daimond
  2. Palkia: Only in Shinning Pearl
  3. Mesprit: Available in Both
  4. Uxie: Available in Both
  5. Azelf: Available in Both
  6. Cresselia: Available in Both
  7. Regigigas: Availble in Both
  8. Registeel: Availble in Both
  9. Regice: Availble in Both
  10. Regirock: Availble in Both
  11. Heatran: Available in Both
  12. Giratina: Availble in Both
  13. Mewto: Available in Both
  14. Rayquaza: Available in Both
  15. Latios: Availble in Both
  16. Latias: Availble in Both
  17. Raikou: Only in Brilliant Diamond
  18. Entei: Only in Brilliant Diamond
  19. Suicune: Only in Brilliant Diamond
  20. Ho-Oh: Only in Shinning Pearl
  21. Articuno: Only in Shinning Pearl
  22. Zapdos: Only in Shinning Pearl
  23. Moltres: Only in Shinning Pearl
  24. Lugia: Only in Shinning Pearl

How to Catch All the Legendary Pokemons

Catching Legendary Pokemon can be an adventure due to how tough it can be to do it sometimes. You will have to go through a lot of trouble, including going around the entire map, to find a unique item that will allow you to encounter it. To catch all of these Pokemon, make sure you have a Pokemon which can use Hypnosis and Mean Look.

Using these, you can cause stat effects and not let the Pokemon Flee the battle. Also, make sure you have lots of Ultra balls in your inventory. After you encounter a Legendary Pokemon, use Mean Look and keep damaging it till the health bar hits the red mark. Now you can put it to sleep or paralyze it to increase your chances of catching it. Throw ultra balls until it is finally caught. Another method you can use to catch these Pokemon is to throw a Quick Ball as soon as they appear and keep reloading the moment when you throw the Quick Ball until you catch it.

Dialga and Palkia



Dialga comes as an exclusive to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, and Palkia is exclusive to Shining Pearl. You will find them a part of the story, and it is up to you if you want to catch them. Players will come across them at Spear Pillar after you manage to defeat Team Galactic. You can use the traditional way of decreasing their HP then throwing Ultra Balls until you catch them. Keep in mind to Sleep/Paralyse them as it will increase your chances of catching the Legendary Pokemon.

Mesprit, Uxei, and Azlef




After you finish the story and defeat the Elite four, players will now have to visit three new locations inside the game. Among these three, Lake Verity will contain Mesprit, Lake Acuity will contain Uxei, and Lake Valor will contain Azlef. All of these are post-game exclusive locations, and it is where you will meet the three Legendary Pokemon for the first time. After the first encounter, you will have to track them down using the Marking Map to encounter and possibly catch them.



After you acquire the National Pokedex, head off to the Canalave City, where you will find a sailor who will ask you to journey with him to Full Moon island to cure his son. After you land on Full Moon island, you will encounter Cressilai, but she will fly away before you can catch her. You will have to use your Marking Map to track her down. Once you are in the same area as Cresselia, search in Tall Grass or Water to encounter her and catch her using the above-mentioned methods.

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Like Cresselia, after you finish the story and get your National Pokedex, head to the Snowpoint Temple in Snowpoint City. Now head below to the lowest floor in the temple, and you will see Regigigas sleeping in a deep slumber. Moreover, to battle and catch it, you will first have to wake it up by catching Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. You will be able to acquire all of these three Pokemon in Ramana’s Park, among other Legendary Pokemon there.



To catch Heatran, head over to Stark Mountain after you get the National Pokedex. Head over to Stark Mountain, and you will meet Buck, who will ask you to team with him and clean up the area. After you reach the bottom of the mountain he will take the Magma stone and fly off alone.

Go back and talk with him in the Survival Area, and he will give you the Magma Stone as he will say the Volcano might erupt due to him taking the Magma Stone. After that, head back to Star Mountain and go to the lowest floor again where you found the Magma Stone. You will see Heatran there, which you will be able to catch.



Again you will need the National Pokedex to get this Legendary Pokemon. Once you have it head to Sendoff Spring, just right of Route 214 in a lake where you will find Turnback Cave. Once you are inside the Cave, you will have to read three pillars inside the three rooms to encounter Giratina.

There is no exact pattern on how you can find a pillar inside a room. But there’s a random chance to find them every time you enter a room.

You can enter up to 30 rooms, so you have a fair chance of making it to Giratina after reading three pillars inside three different rooms. After locating all three pillars and successfully reading them, Giratina will be waiting for you in the next room.

Ramanas Park

You can find all of the other Legendary Pokemon in the game in Ramanas Park. It is a feature that will allow you to capture all the Legendary Pokemon from the previous versions of the Pokemon game. This feature will only be available after you finish the story and acquire the National Pokedex.

Players will be able to find Ramanas Park just after Route 221 which is south of Route 219. However, to get these Pokemon, you will need certain slates.

First, you will have to get Mysterious Shards and then exchange them at the store in Ramanas Park. You can get these Shards by digging inside the Grand Underground. Use the same methods we explained above to catch these Pokemon inside Ramanas Park.

















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