All Kiryu Life Link Episodes in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth (LAD 8)

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Here is all you need to know to unlock all the Kiryu Life Link Episodes in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth follows the story of the young underdog, Ichiban Kasuga, and the Dragon of Dojima, Kiryu Kazuma. It was as if something more sinister than fate had brought the two together for one last emotional adventure.

However, this time around, the bulk of the story takes place in the Honolulu City in Hawaii instead of urban Japan. So buckle up for one of the longest stories the franchise has to offer and, fortunately, one of the best as well.

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Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth carries on with the turn-based combat system for all playable characters in the game. Here, each playable character can pick from multiple jobs, granting them unique perks and abilities related to that job.

However, Kiryu has a unique job to his name, and that is the “Dragon of Dojima”, which provides him with the ability to switch his fighting styles mid-fight. Overall, the combat is a lot more refined than the last time and has a fair bit of welcomed depth to it.

Life link episodes in LAD 8 are one of the most emotional parts of the entire game, as Kiryu gets the chance to sit down and reunite with his friends of the past.

So, if you’re eager to find out who Kiryu reunites with and what they talk about in these episodes, then just keep on reading! I have also explained how you can unlock the Life Link episodes for yourself.

There are a total of 8 Life Link episodes in LAD 8.

Life Links: Episode 1 Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

At some point during Chapter 8, when the team splits up, Date will call you to meet him at a nearby cabaret bar called “Rose Blossom”. Now, you actually have to have your Awakening level to 2 in order for this cut scene to appear.

Your first Life link is Taichi, one of the children from the Morning Glory Orphanage. Date explains that Kiryu has built up ties with people over his life and that such ties never disappear.

Life Links: Episode 2 Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

The prerequisite to unlocking any Life Link episode is to complete the previous one. So you can only trigger episode 2 once you’re done with Taichi.

Additionally, you will also have to level up your Awakening to level 3. Episode 2 is entirely dedicated to Date himself as he explains how he is planning to bring back certain people to Kiryu’s life.

He further adds that Dragons like Kiryu do not really get the luxury of being forgotten. But Kiryu is afraid that if he interacts with people in his past, then that can have serious consequences further down the line as his contract forbids him from doing so.

Life Links: Episode 3 Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Only unlocked after you reach Awakening level 4. In this episode, you again receive a call from Date as he tells you to meet him at Harbour Lights. Once you get there, he’ll take you to Kamurocho to see Kazuki and Yuya, the people you mentioned who were close to you in the last episode.

You do get to see them from afar, outside of a bar, and then later on, Date invites them over to Serena, where they talk about the old times as Kiryu listens from a distance.

Life Links: Episode 4 Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Reaching Awakening level 5 unlocks this episode. Here, characters from Yakuza 6, Matsunaga, and Tagashira from the Hirose Family of Onomichi make an appearance.

However, a fight breaks out, and Kiryu is forced to reveal himself under the name “Kiryuin”. Matsunaga and Tagashira say that “Kiryuin” being so strong and silent reminds them of Kiryu. Date immediately disregards the thought and tells them otherwise.

Life Links: Episode 5 Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

You have to reach Awakening level 6 and as well complete chapter 9 of the main story in order to unlock Life Link Episode 5. The episode begins when Date again calls Kiryu and invites him to Harbour Lights.

Date had set up a meeting with Chief Nakajima, who helped Kiryu when he was at rock bottom in Yakuza 5. Date and Nakajima talk about Suzuki and his whereabouts. Who, unbeknownst to Nakajima, is Kiryu.

Date also proceeds to show Nakajima a picture of Kiryu, but Nakajima denies that he ever knew Kiryu. But it’s revealed later on that Nakajima just doesn’t want to endanger Kiryu by entertaining the rumors of Kiryu being alive.

Life Links: Episode 6 Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Unlocked after leveling up your Awakening to level 7. Again, the episode kicks off with a call from Date. He’ll take you to a coffee shop to meet Kaoru Sayama, who, if you played Yakuza 2, was Kiryu’s love interest. However, we never heard from Sayama again after she left for Hawaii at the beginning of Yakuza 3.

Although, as far as Sayama could tell, Date invited her for coffee to discuss work. But little did she know that Kiryu, whom she hadn’t seen in 15 years, was nearby and listening.

She mostly talked about why she still works so hard to this day and said that she wants to make sure that young kids don’t go astray and join the Yakuza.

Life Links: Episode 7 Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

The next story is about Shun Akiyama, known as the lifeline of Kamurocho. He is also the moneylender from Sky Finance.

However, things take a turn when Date and Kiryu get ambushed by a group of thugs called the White Masks. And it’s later revealed that Akiyama hired them to confirm that Kiryu is still alive.

The three then head inside Harbour Lights and discuss what had happened. Akiyama, who was visibly angry as he always knew that Kiryu couldn’t be dead, understood that Kiryu had no choice but to do what he did.

Life Links: Episode 8 Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

In episode 8, Date sets Kiryu up to meet with Haruka, the girl from Yakuza 1. Even though Kiryu reminds Date of the consequences this would bring, Date insists that he still meets with her before it’s too late.

When Kiryu makes it to Serena, he eavesdrops on Haruka on the other side of the door. He realizes that Haruka is not the weak little girl he once took care of and that she has grown up and can take care of herself well. Kiryu ends up deciding not to meet with her.

Unfortunately, this last stunt of Date had got him kidnapped and beaten up by members of Daidoji. Kiryu does beat up everyone, but he makes a new deal with the leader of Daidoji that he will cut all communication with Kasuga and Date as soon as he’s done with what he has gotten himself involved in.

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