All Dinosaur Simulator Codes

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Make it out alive in the dinosaur world with the latest Dinosaur Simulator codes.

Live as a dinosaur and learn to survive by avoiding calamities, predators, and hunger of the pre-historic world in the Dinosaur Simulator. Roam around the safe areas to look for food and water to stay healthy. Moreover, form your own herd to demolish rival dinos along the way.

Also, remember to hunt other dinosaurs if needed for survival. However, breathing in the giant world of historical creatures like dinosaurs, being a small, less-powered one, is not easy. Use the latest codes of the Dinosaur Simulator to unlock mighty dinosaurs and make your pack to hunt and survive.

May 27, 2024: We check for codes for Dinosaur Simulator.

No New Codes

Dinosaur Simulator Codes

All the working codes are;

  • JELLYDONUT200M: elly Joy Concavenator
  • CAMBRIANEXPLOSION: Anomalocaris Onchopristis
  • RockMuncher: Terranotus Plateosaurus
  • 060515: Ornithomimus
  • 115454: Chickenosaurus
  • 092316: Electric Pteranodon
  • Burnt Burrito: Yutashu
  • 060398: Dodo
  • AMERICA: American Eagle Balaur
  • drink: Pizza Delivery Mapusaurus
  • Pokemantrainer: Wyvern

Expired Codes

Currently, there are no expired codes for the game.

How To Redeem In Dinosaur Simulator?

All Dinosaur Simulator Codes
Credit – Roblox

Here is the easiest way to redeem codes:

  1. Start the game and Press the Promo Codes button on the screen.
  2. After that, a box called “Enter Code” will appear, and you should enter the codes (any) written above exactly how it is.
  3. Click the Submit button and get your rewards. Enjoy!

How to Get More Codes for Free?

Join the official Dinosaur Simulator Discord Server and Roblox Group for information. Codes can be a very useful tool in Roblox, as they can help you become better at the game in general. If you are stressed about where to find these codes, visit our site regularly, as we update these guides as soon as new codes are released.

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