All Classes in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Explained

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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Choose your perfect playstyle among a wonderful selection of classes to start your adventure in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds.

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is an isekai-like game where you’re transported to the world of Ni no Kuni. Like most JRPGs/MMORPGs, Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds has a great character customization system that may take up a lot of time. This character customization comes after selecting your favoured classes in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. So you will notice that classes have specific genders and different customization options.

The best part about this game is that all the classes are unique and fun. Even though each class has its advantages and disadvantages, you cannot really disregard any classes in this game. This is because each of the classes as of now is powerful with the combination of stats they excel in. Hence, they all provide unique gameplay, combined with character creation, making a truly unique experience for each player. Follow this guide to find out which class and its playstyle suits you best.

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Classes in Ni No Cross Worlds

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has five classes as of now. The classes vary by play styles, distribution, looks, and customization options.

  1. Witch
  2. Swordsman
  3. Destroyer
  4. Engineer
  5. Rogue

The classes have six different abilities, which are further divided into three categories. These are:

  • Core Abilities: Can be chosen by players and are not bound to any specific classes
  • Class Abilities: Abilities that are dependent on the class and hence vary greatly
  • Passive Abilities: Secondary abilities that are also dependent on the class.


credits: Netmarble

Witch is not too simple to play with, but it indeed is strong. Witches deal a lot of damage with their AOE or self-buffing attacks. Works from mid to close range. Self-buffing attacks include attack boost and speed boost to healing buffs. Moreover, the witch’s attack can also affect enemy stats as well. All this makes the witch class a one-man-army.

Core Abilities

  • Piercing Storm – Thrust your spear towards the enemy, knocking them down! Deal 180% +96 Damage and knockdown for 1.5 seconds!
  • Dancing Spear – Leap into the air, to unleash a spinning attack while supporting yourself! Deal 246% +132 Damage while giving a 10% protection shield for the duration of the attack.
  • Storm Spear – Spin your spear around dealing damage and slowing enemies! Deal 172% +92 Damage and slow enemy movement by 20% for 3 seconds!
  • Rain of Spears (Ultimate Ability) – Rain down spears from the sky to destroy your enemies! Each spear deals 80% damage and Monsters take 100% more damage.

Passive Abilities

  • Rapid Stream – Normal attacks have a chance to boost party attack speed!
  • Armor Crash – Normal attacks reduce enemy defenses for 6 seconds. It stacks for 5 times!
  • Bright Mirror – Every 8 Basic attacks, increase damage and guarantee a critical hit!
  • Final Illusion – Boosts defense under 20% HP for a duration of time!
  • Emergency Maneuvers – Chance to boost evasion on taking damage! Can stack up to 5 times!


Classes Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Swordsman
credits: Netmarble

Swordsman is the most balanced character. Unlike other classes in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, a swordsman has a good distribution of all attributes, such as speed, attack, defense, etc.

The Swordsman is the classic MMORPG melee character that is easy to start with. If you’re a newcomer to this genre, it is highly recommended to start with the versatile Swordsman.

Core Abilities

  • Flash – Unleash a flurry of attacks and inflict Movement Slowing on enemies around you! Deals 232% + 124 damage, and slows enemy movement by 20% for 3 seconds!
  • Flying Slash – A jumping attack swinging down from the air dealing damage and slowing enemies! Deals 208% + 114 damage and slows enemy movement by 15% for 3 seconds!
  • Spinning Swords – The Swordsman spins around and forwards and slashes all enemies in his path! Deals 164% +89 damage and knocks enemies down for 1.5 seconds!
  • Magical Sword Cut (Ultimate Ability) – A giant magical sword cut against enemies dealing massive damage! Deals 456% Damage and 100% increased damage against monsters!

Passive Abilities

  • Defense Call – Normal attacks have a chance to boost party defense!
  • Last Stand – Boost own attack and reduce damage taken when falling under 30% Health!
  • Fortress – Boosts defense for a short period of time, can stack up to 6 times!
  • Death Seal – Normal attacks boost their own attack and can inflict a stun every 30 seconds!
  • Blind Attack – Boosts damage against Blind Enemies!


Classes Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Destroyer
credits: Netmarble

The Destroyer is the classic tank class in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. Destroyers are big and strong, and they deal colossal damage with their giant hammer and also absorb incoming attacks, working as a shield to protect your team.

Destroyers can increase their defence, become resistant to attack to push through, and taunts enemies into focusing attacks on them. When playing co-op, a Destroyer in the team goes a long way.

Core Abilities

  • Full Swing – Spin to Win! Each spin deals 32% + 17 Damage.
  • Brutal Strike – Swing your hammer twice, dealing damage! Knockdown for 1.5 seconds. 1st attack dealt 76% damage and 2nd attack dealt 114% damage!
  • Ground Slam – Leap into the air, slamming down on enemies! Jump forward dealing 180% + 97 Damage and slow down enemies by 20% for 3 seconds!
  • Hammer of Fury (Ultimate Ability) – Summon a giant hammer to crush down your foes! Deals 469% damage to all enemies in an AOE area. Deals 100% more damage against monsters.

Passive Abilities

  • Just Guard – Chance to reduce all damage for 7 seconds when taking hits!
  • Indomitable Soul – Heals you when falling under 20% Health!
  • Oath of Revenge – Boost Defense, Attack Speed, and Movement speed on taking large damage!
  • Counter Slow – On taking damage, chance to reduce enemy attack speed and movement speed!
  • Stand Firm – Each time you take damage, there is a chance the attack cannot be more than 50% of your health!


credits: Netmarble

Rogue is the archer/gunman-like class in the game but also differs in many ways. For starters, Rogues can play similarly to other DPS-based classes by executing fast attacks with their bows and arrows all with nimble movement.

Additionally, they can support your team by providing various damage buffs and certain stat nerfs to crowd control enemies. To top it all off, Rogue does all this from a distance. Therefore, a perfect choice for players that loves to play with archers in RPGs.

Core Abilities

  • Rain of Arrows – Rain down arrows on your enemies! Each attack deals 15% +187 Damage. It also slows enemy movement by 11%
  • Multi-Shot – Shoot forward in a cone, pushing enemies away! Deals 170% Damage and jumps back with the Rogue!
  • Evasion Shot – Shoot forward in a line, while dodging back! Deals 180% Damage in a cone in front of the Rogue and push everyone away! Enemies caught are also slowed by 11% for 3 seconds!
  • Spirit Arrow (Ultimate Ability) – Summon a great spirit shooting a powerful arrow at your enemies. Deal 460% damage to all enemies in front. Monsters gain 100% increased damage

Passive Abilities

  • Quick Move – Every 5 attacks increase your attack and movement speed for 5 seconds!
  • Burst Charge – Increases your party’s Ultimate Gauge gathering!
  • Barrier Breaker – Increase damage against targets with a barrier or slow effect!
  • Enmity – When attacking, boost damage for 5 seconds, but increase damage taken!
  • Death Hunter – When targeted by enemies, boost your damage! Stacks up to 7 times!


Classes Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Engineer
credits: Netmarble

Engineer is the dedicated support/ healer class. As such, they focus on keeping your team alive and well. The engineers in this game are too good. In addition to having great attacking core abilities, Engineer’s passive abilities include all types of valuable powers, such as boosting healing powers including familiars, granting huge attack buffs, granting barriers, and reviving fallen mates.

Moreover, Engineers use guns such as rifles that come in handy when looking for ranged attackers and damaging groups of foes. Some players may want to steer away from trying out support classes while playing MMOs, but the Engineer is one of the most enjoyable classes in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. Thanks to its variation in abilities.

Core Abilities

  • Burst Coil – Call down artillery shots from the air! Deal 150% + 84 Damage and 1-second stun in a radius!
  • Elemental Blast – Unleash your weapon’s element in a line of damage! Deal 212% +16 Damage and slow down enemy movement by 15% for 2 seconds!
  • Explosive Bullet – Fire a powerful Bullet in a line! Shoot an explosive bullet creating a circle AoE Explosion of 162% + 87 damage!
  • Artillery Strike (Ultimate Ability) – Summon 2 cannons that deal damage to enemies in front of you. Deals 447% damage in a line in front of the Engineer. Monsters take 100% increased damage.

Passive Abilities

  • Protection of Light – When attacked, the chance to gain a barrier Barrier boosts the attack when it ends!
  • Pure Medic – Boosts your healing Powers, including your familiars!
  • Conversion – Healing over maximum HP, will Convert your healing into a barrier!
  • Fast Trick – When attacking, chance to reduce your cooldowns by 1 second every 15 seconds!
  • Barrier Mastery – When you have a barrier, gain resistance against crowd control!

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