All Characters In Resident Evil Village

All you need to know about the characters from Resident Evil Village.

We are only one day away from the release of the most anticipated horror game of this year. Resident Evil has been a series that has continued to deliver great games one after the other. The newest addition to their titles is Resident Evil Village. Moreover, the trailer and demo of the game have already fueled the hype of the game further. Here is a list of the characters that will play a role in your journey throughout the horror game.

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Capcom‘s Resident evil needs no introduction as you all know what the game is about. In fact, the classic zombie survival game has made the world of Racoon city the best zombie world to explore for fans. Furthermore, Resident Evil 8 takes place after the events of Resident Evil 7 as the protagonist Ethan Winters proceeds to find his child.

We have made a list of characters that are involved in the game and story, you can check it out below-

Resident Evil Village Characters

Ethan Winters: The main protagonist of Resident Evil village. He was also the main protagonist of RS7. Moreover, he will be making his return to the game as his child got kidnapped, and he is on a hunt to find his child.

Ethan Winters

Chris Redfield: Redfield is another returning character from the Franchise. He is a veteran, and he is the reason why Ethan Winter goes on a quest to find his child.

Chris Redfield

Mia Winters: She is the wife of Ethan winters, and she has survived the horrors of the baker family, the powers of E-001 bioweapon, and the Molded.

Mia Winters

Rosemary Winters: Ethan and Mia Winter’s child, who is kidnapped by Chris Redfield.

Rosemary Winters

Elena: She is a resident of the village who Ethan meets in his journey in Resident Evil Village.


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The Duke: The mysterious man from the village. He sells a large selection of wares in his shop.

The Duke

Mother Miranda: She is one of the important characters in the game. The residents in the village serve and worship her. Although she is supposed to protect the village, her ties with Lady Dimistrescu and Heisenberg are suspicious.

Mother Miranda

Salvatore Moreau: A weird man who hides away in the reservoir. He is one of the four lords that serve Miranda.

Salvatore Moreau

Donno Beneviento: A puppet master of the fog-filled valley, who always has her doll Angie beside her. She is also one of the four lords who serve Miranda.

Donno Beneviento

Karl Heisenberg: He is a clever man who stays in the factory outside the village. He is also one of the lords that serve Miranda. Heisenberg holds up an intimidating attitude with his giant hammer.

Karl Heisenberg

The Hound Wolf Squad: This is the elite squad Chris Redfield leads. The hound wolf squad includes mysterious characters we will know about tomorrow. But only time will tell if they are friends or foes of Ethan.

The Hound Wolf Squad

Lady Dimitrescu: A tall woman who lives in the castle with her daughters who follows you around the castle. She serves as the mistress who manages the village.

Lady Dimitrescu

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