ALEKSIB’s clutch against his former team ENCE has everyone stunned

Aleksib's clutch was insane

Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen is a professional Finnish CSGO pro player who is currently in team OG. The recent match against his former teammate has everyone talking.

This 22-year-old CSGO pro has been the topic of conversation since his clash with his former teammates. In a recent interview with, he explained that it felt great to beat his former teammate as he had a bit of history between them.

Here is the Clip

Aleksib’s Clutch

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Everyone was stunned by his amusing performance as it felt like he had a vendetta against his old teammates. In the interview, he explained that it was still a relatively new team. They still had a long road ahead of them if they wanted to be consistent in all the maps.

 Aleksib's clutch against ENCE
Aleksib’s performance against ENCE

Aleksib told the reporter from HLTV that they had a bit of a break since they formed the new roster. The break really helped them to keep their mind in focus as they started to grind since the new year. Since his history with his former team, it felt extra good he said.



Many in the Esports scene are praising his performance claiming he literally carried OG to victory. His communication in-game was also really good for a relatively young team with so little experience playing together.

Aleksi also motivated his team to keep up the good work as he said ‘Guys, this shouldn’t have been this close, we played so many of these rounds in practice. Next map, I will do everything way better‘.

OG is still a new roster with so many talents if they can utilize them properly they might soon win big in the future tournaments. With talents like Aleksib in the team OG’s future definitely looks solid.

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