AGONTUK the first open world game by a Bangladeshi Game Studio

M7 Productions and Attrito are making an open world game AGONTUK. Bangladesh doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to quality video games. As a result, most people don’t see any future in the game industry. However this may change if open world game AGONTUK can make a big dent in our small game industry.

The game will have an open-world storytelling and mission-based game play. The developers promised that the players will be able to roam around in a re-imagined version of Dhaka city. In addition,they also claimed that this is the most ambitious game by any game development studio in Bangladesh. The team also teased a new teaser trailer for their game. It shows great promise.

The full game play reveal will be premiered on Youtube. You can catch the trailer live on 15th November. Hopefully this reveal will make a great impression on the players. We are all excited and waiting for the reveal trailer. You can check out their YouTube channel AgontukTheGame for further detail. We will also provide you with all the latest update regarding this game. So follow us on our face book page GameRiv

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