Agontuk In Depth Gaming Preview

Agontuk first ever open world game developed by Bangladeshi developers M7 Productions and Attrito. There were couple of games that were developed by Bangladeshi developers including Liberation 71, Heroes Of 71, but Agontuk is the first game ever to generate this much of hype among Bangladeshi gamers.

Agontuk is scheduled to be released for Windows (PC) and Playstation 4. Release date and System Requirements are yet to be announced.

The Devs have released their 7 min Game play video showcasing their game.

Here Is What We Think About Agontuk


Agontuk is a third-person open world game developed on “Unity” game engine which takes place on Fictional Dhaka City (Dhacca). The video started with the main protagonist wanting to make his name in this big Dhacca city. You may find the gameplay a lot similar to GTA Vice City. Agontuk will be having bangla voice-overs, but subtitles and UI will be in English.

The driving control seemed OK with Rickshaw and Auto on the road, Can’t wait to drive a Rickshaw in game!

Shooting was very similar to GTA games with the classic weapon wheel system. Recoil is also inspired from GTA as it has little recoil during shooting. Gun models were not the best in world but pretty good. What type of guns will be available are still to be announced. Shooting while walking was not bad! Melee action was provided in the trailer but we can hope it will be similar to GTA.

Graphics is not the best in the world, you cant not expect graphics like $265 million dollar budget games like GTA5. So, we are not complaining about the graphics at all, but there are room for improvement

  • The population density can be improved giving more crowd in the streets.
  • Lighting and mild visual improvement is needed, we are not saying its a must but a little lighting can improve the visualization of the game.
  • Texture can be polished as well.

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Voice Acting is the most disappointing thing in the entire gameplay trailer of Agontuk. Voice acting is one of the crucial thing in an open world game as dialogues play main role in missions. If dialogues are not polished story might feel a little left behind. Voice acting needed a little depth in dialogues and need to be a little more realistic.

Overall it is an great step forward for Bangladeshi gaming industry.

It will be the best for everyone if we don’t rush with all the hype it is getting, take your time and polish every detail and story as much as you can. Best Wishes for M7 Productions and Attrito .



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