After release Overwatch heroes have received roughly 351 buffs and 199 nerfs

So many balance changes over the years

Overwatch was released back on May 24, 2016. During these times Overwatch heroes have received over 351 buffs and 199 nerfs.

Overwatch was the new hero shooter back in 2016. After 2017 all the battle royale craze took over and it looked like Overwatch kind of lost its initial momentum. But still, overwatch has a loyal fanbase that seems to really like the game.

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Overwatch is a type of game that relies heavily upon its game balancing. If the game is not balance than players are gonna stuck with the same meta character and the game will be boring. To “balance” the game Blizzard has made so many buffs and nerfs throughout the year.

Specifically, the heroes received nearly 351 buffs and 199 nerfs. A Reddit user isoanakin made a google excel sheet comprizing of how many nerfs and buffs there has been throughout the years after the release. He made the list from the official Overwatch website.

After all these, a great deal of damage increase, healing increase, added utility and cooldown reduction which contribute to a sense of frenzy found in the game which was not present at the launch. Especially there were a lot of new players at launch and queue time wasn’t an issue back then. Back at launch, there were a lot of player interaction and the community was new and excited about the game.

After all the major buffs to the heroes in the recent patches, the game has turned into a different experience where you need to overpower your opponent as soon as possible and don’t let them have the time to make a counterplay. These buffs have made it really difficult to make a good meaningful counterplay.

Since Overwatch 2 may come in this year, it will be interesting to see what Blizzard has up its sleeve to make it fresh again.


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