After Ninja Pokimane is receiving her own emote in Fortnite

She got her own emote in Fortnite

Richard Tyler Blevins aka Ninja just got his own Fortnite skin in Fortnite. It seems Pokimane is following his footsteps as she is getting her own emote from a viral Tiktok video.

Fortnite recently started to give big Fortnite streamers their own custom skins in Fortnite. Ninja recently received this royale treatment from Epic. His skin included a skin, emote from his famous pom pom song and also two ninja swords. So, following that Pokimane tweeted a Tiktok video sharing that show will also get a custom made emote from Fortnite.

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Pokimane on Twitter

Pokimane also confirmed that Epic is partnering with famous app Tiktok to bring this new emote to Fortnite. This time she also mentioned that anyone can have their own emote by just submitting their dance video on Tiktok. This new EmoteRoyaleCcontest will let any user have their own custom made emote that they can show off.

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Pokimane is one of the biggest female streamers on Twitch. She had made a name for herself by streaming all the popular games. And her quirky attitude and consistency have made her the biggest female streamer on the platform.

It is only a matter of time before Pokimane gets her own skin at this point. She really deserves the royale treatment from Fortnite like Ninja did with his own skin.

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