After much hardship, TimThetatman finally gets his first win in Fall Guys

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: TimTheTatman/ mediatonic

After a week of hardship TimThetatman finally get his much desired win in Fall Guys.

Fall Guys has been out for more than two weeks now and Twitch Streamer TimTheTatman still cannot get a win.

The official Twitter of Fall Guys just keeps roasting him over and over again for not getting a win. Their recent tweet about Tim was roasting him for not getting a win even after playing 600+ matches. They mentioned in their tweet a quote from Tim where he mentioned fall guys being a game for 6-year-olds.

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Tim Cannot Get A Win

Tim has been unable to get a win for over a week. Here is a clip of him failing in Fall Guys.

Tim Finally Gets a Win in Fall Guys

TimTheTatman finally gets a win in Fall Guys after trying hard for over a week. His losing streak had people wondering if he was ever going to get a win. Some people thought it was impossible for Tim to get a win but he finally got a win.

after he got the win people started tweeting out about the win. Tim won in a game where the last round was Hexagon. He was scared going into the round but he played the round very well and got the crown.

Here is the clip from Twitter.

At the time of the win Tim had over 350k+ viewers on Twitch.

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