Adin Ross’s Security Guard Breaks his Arm During Stream

Popular Twitch streamer Adin Ross’s security guard recently broke his arm during Livestream.

Adin Ross is a popular internet personality and streamer from the USA. He gained popularity through his Twitch channel, which now has more than 6.7 million followers. Since May 2020, he started getting viewers and followers rapidly on Twitch. Some of his most streamed games on twitch are NBA 2k20, GTA V, Fortnite, etc.

Adin Ross also has a YouTube channel called “Adin Live” with over 2.98M subscribers. He usually uploads clips from his Twitch stream on his YouTube. Twitch has a history of banning and unbanning Adin Ross multiple times in the past. He has already been banned 5 times in the years 2020 and 2021.

During his Livestream on January 5th, Adin Ross’s security guard accidentally broke his arm during Livestream. This incident happened when his security guard tried to arm wrestle.

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Please be advised the video below is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers

Security Guard Breaks his Arm:

In the video clip, we can see Adin Ross’s security guard(on the right) in an arm wrestle while Adin and others were cheering them on. At one point during the arm wrestle, we hear a loud cracking noise and can see Adin’s security guard’s arm rotate violently.

The other arm wrestling contestant asks the security guard, “You good?”. To which the security guard replies, “It’s broken”. Adin then quickly comes to his PC and turns off the stream.

At the time of writing this article, we have no update on the situation. Keep an eye on our website for any update as soon as it comes to light.

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