Adin Ross Responds to Racist Demand from Swatter

Popular Twitch streamer Adin Ross recently responded to swatters after they made some racist demands to stop swatting.

Adin Ross is a popular internet personality and streamer from the USA. He gained popularity through his Twitch channel, which now has more than 6.7 million followers. Since May 2020, he started getting viewers and followers rapidly on Twitch. Some of his most streamed games on twitch are NBA 2k20, GTA V, Fortnite, etc.

Adin Ross also has a YouTube channel called “Adin Live” with over 2.98M subscribers. He usually uploads clips from his Twitch stream on his YouTube. Twitch has a history of banning and unbanning Adin Ross multiple times in the past. He has already been banned 5 times in the years 2020 and 2021.

Recently Adin Ross was banned for the 6th time after police swatted his house during a Livestream. Swatting is a common phenomenon for streamers whose address gets leaked online. People on the internet make hoax calls to emergency services to bring a large number of police officers to a certain address.

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Adin Ross responds to Swatters Racist Demands:

The swatter in question has been harassing Adin Ross and other popular streamers for a while now. They finally appeared in Adin Ross’s Twitch chat and made some racist demands. According to Adin, the swatter said,

“Adin Ross, until you stop having b***k people on your stream, I’m gonna continue swatting”.

Adin Ross’s reply to this was,

“Well, you’re gonna swat me every day then, bro, because I don’t care. You’re ra**st as f**k, weird as f**k. That sh*t is so weird and strange”.

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