Activision is nerfing both AS VAL and SP-R 208 for COD Warzone and Modern Warfare

After a week of back and forth between the community and the developers, Activision is finally going to nerf the AS VAL and SP-R 208.

Both Warzone and Modern Warfare Multiplayer will simultaneously receive updates that will purposefully decrease AS VAL and SP-R 208’s capabilities. Right after the release of Warzone Season 6, the Call of Duty community voiced their concerns regarding these weapons.

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Activision dropped the Warzone Season 6 update with many anticipated contents. Among this vast amount of game-changing elements, players got their hands on AS-VAL and SP-R 208. At first glance, the return of the R-700 or now as known as SP-R 208 created a much-deserved buzz among seasoned players. In contrast, the AS VAL had a questionable debut. Through sheer capability and flexibility, both of these weapons have been an absolute nightmare for casual and veterans players alike.

Major issues Regarding AS VAL and SP-R 208

Due to its superior bullet velocity, low-profile nature, damage, and unmatched accuracy, the SP-R 208 raised eyebrows across the community since the beginning of Season 6. The SP-R 208 obtained high praise from the professional community and streamers whereas it caused unhappy faces among the Warzone community. Several Reddit threads and Tweets from players precisely flashed out critical issues regarding its speed and maneuverability. Sometimes these abilities allowed players to get headshots and eliminations while being very mobile.

AS VAL and SP-R 208 nerf
Image Via: YouTube/Aculite

The current condition of AS VAL is also similar. AS VAL’s presence is building uncomfortable situations in Warzone and Modern Warfare multiplayer. So far, the main concern neighboring the AS VAL has been its wall penetration capability with a certain magazine attachment called “10 Round Mags“. Otherwise, AS VAL is serving the aggressive players on Warzone and Multiplayer just fine.

Response From Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward’s Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams validated the developers’ perspective of the situation. According to her, both of these guns are undergoing improvement trials. Although she didn’t mention any patch or an update scheduled for this much-awaited nerf.

While Activision is engaged in a struggle against bugs and hackers, the rushed release of unpolished content is also a headache for the players. A proper patch containing modified versions of AS VAL and SP-R 208 will be a blessing for the average Call of Duty player base.

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