Achievements are Coming to the Epic Games Store Starting Next Week

Epic Games Store is getting achievements for select games starting next week.

Epic Games Store launched achievements tooling for developers about a year ago. Those achievements are fully owned and operated by developers. And now they are bringing a new achievements system complete with a set of tools for developers to activate platform Achievements quickly and easily.

Epic Games recently released a blog post sharing some details about this new Achievements system. Epic Games worked with some of its development partners for a year to bring this new achievement system to life. So starting next week when the achievements system launches, the games below will have achievements enabled right away-

  • Rocket League, 
  • Hades, 
  • Pillars of Eternity, 
  • Kena,  
  • Zombie Army 4, 
  • Alan Wake Remastered,
  • and more

And in the coming few months this Achievements System will roll out for other developers as well.

Epic Games achievements system
Epic Games achievements system Credit: Epic Games

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How do XP and Epic Achievements work?

Epic Games sorted the achievements into 4 new categories based on their XP value. Below are the Epic Achievement tiers and the amount of additional XP you get for the Achievement: 

  • Bronze = 5-45 XP
  • Silver = 50-95 XP
  • Gold = 100-200 XP     
  • Platinum = 250 XP

Games that have the Achievements System enabled also have an Achievements detail page where players can share and track progress. This page outlines the following-

  • All Epic Achievements available for the game
  • Showcases your progress towards each
  • Highlights Epic Achievements you’re close to unlocking
Rocket League Achievements Page Epic Games Store
Rocket League Achievements Page Epic Games Store Credit: Epic Games

You can also view these achievements in your Epic Games Store library or while browsing the store.

Epic Achievements FAQ

Below is the Epic Games FAQ on this topic.

Didn’t Epic already have achievements?

Yes! We launched achievements tooling for developers about a year ago; we’ll call those “developer achievements.” Those achievements are fully owned and operated by developers. This new Epic Achievements system adds additional benefits for players and brings them more in line with achievement systems on other platforms. We expect this new system will roll out all developers on the Epic Games Store in the coming months.

Are developer achievements going away? 

No. Developer achievements will remain functional in games if developers have previously integrated them and they don’t wish to engage with the new Epic Achievements system. 

What happens to developer achievements I’ve earned in the past?

If you’ve unlocked developer achievements, don’t worry — your hard work isn’t lost. If a game that previously used developer achievements integrates the new Epic Achievements system, progress carries over, and you will automatically earn account XP.

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