According to VALORANT’s Character designer, the new agent Reyna has the potential to pop-off like no one else

She is going to shake up the current meta

Riot just announced the new agent Reyna, and she will make her debut with the global launch of VALORANT on June 2nd.

According to the character design lead for VALORANT, apparently she will be a big “get frags” agent. All of her abilities will be focused on rewarding high-risk players with high rewards.

Even though Riot did release a character teaser for Reyna, most players still had no idea about what exactly she will bring to the battlefield. Since there was no gameplay trailer for Reyna, the character design lead on VALORANT himself decided to step up and explain what she is all about.

Reyna’s abilities

Image Via VALORANT twitter

“Two of her abilities require Soul Orbs to cast, which are only spawned when *Reyna* kills a player. They only last a few seconds. These abilities allow her to heal her health to full (including “overhealing” up to 50 armor) or turn invulnerable and unable to shoot for a few seconds. They share charges. Her ult gives her faster firing/reload/recoil mod and resets on kill. Also enhances her Soul Orb skills”, Riot dev Morello on Reyna’s abilities.

Based on all those points, it is pretty obvious that she has a big potential when it comes to popping off in intense 1v5 scenarios. However, she will be an agent with a pretty big learning curve. Therefore she will not be a beginner-friendly agent. So, picking her will be a big bet for the team.

Reyna will be a very interesting character for VALORANT. She will definitely shake things up in the current meta that we were all getting pretty accustomed to since the closed beta was released. Seems like that is going to change on June 2. As Reyna drops into the battlefield she will either feast or famine her way to add some extra bit of depth into the game.

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