According to Shroud mouse/keyboard and controller players shouldn’t exist in the same pro lobby

The FPS king has spoken

One of the most mechanically gifted players on the PC gaming platform Shroud recently expressed his opinion that mouse/keyboard and controller players shouldn’t exist in the same world.

After the new buffs to the controllers on Fortnite, many pro-Fortnite players who use mouse/keyboard to compete at a high level have voiced their concern over the direction Epic is shifting towards. As soon as the update went live, it was pretty obvious if you look closely at the pro-Fortnite leaderboard that the current changes to the controller have made it impossible for mouse/keyboard players to compete at the high level.

However, Shroud thinks the fact that controllers have an advantage over mouse/keyboard players and vice versa makes the whole competitive scene in Fortnite pretty meaningless. The main goal in any competitive esports title is competitive integrity. So that all the players have an equal footing when it comes to competing at a higher level.

The current state of aim assist on Fortnite is broken

mouse/keyboard vs controllers
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Since Epic still insists on having cross-platform support for Competitive Fortnite, it definitely steers Fortnite away from having any fair competition. Although Shroud explained that if it is just random matchmaking it isn’t that big of a deal. As soon as million dollars are hanging on the line, having competitive integrity is really important for any esports title.

Shrouds’ solution to the whole problem is to separate the whole mouse/keyboard and controllers players away from each other. “The fact that people are arguing against any of that is crazy to me“, Shroud on people who are arguing against having separate mouse/keyboard and controller lobbies at the pro level.

The whole controller vs mouse/keyboard debate on Fortnite has kind of decided the whole community. After the latest patches, aim assist was so broken that even pro controller players complained that they needed a nerf. Epic is currently in a hard spot right now. Tweaking “aim assist” while keeping both platforms happy is not going to be an easy task.

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