Absurd COD Warzone Bug is allowing players to shoot enemies from outside of Verdansk

Warzone players are facing yet another widespread glitch which is basically comparable to wallhack. Thanks to the new Subway system, exploiters are now able to relocate outside of the map while engaging players inside of Verdansk.

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The Warzone community has been skeptical about the new Subway system prior to its release. Based on the previous state of Warzone’s stability, seasoned veterans suspected a shaky release of Season Six. However, the initial week of Season Six had somewhat ordinary feedbacks from players.

Barakett Promenade East Glitch

Warzone Subway system transformed Verdansk into a multidimensional map. It is designed to give substantial map controls for players. Currently, there are 7 Subway stations in existence at Verdansk. Unlike other stations, Barakett Promenade East has converted itself into a portal rather than a station. 

According to the community, upon reaching the very edge of the tracks at Barakett Promenade East, a player is likely to confront a sturdy wall while cutting through a common foggy area. Once in contact with the wall, it will teleport the player to the very bottom of Verdansk. As a result of the glitch, players are able to engage enemies through any literal obstacle from the underworld.

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No official statement has been published from Activision so far. Judging by the magnitude of the glitch, a quick fix is inevitable at any moment. Warzone’s ongoing struggle against in-game instability seems constant.

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