Abbedagge to 100 Thieves

As 100 Thieves is looking to reshape their roster, a bombshell news comes out that Schalke04 has sold their star mid laner to the LCS team

Abbedagge has risen into prominence especially in the spring split playoffs as a very good player in the LEC. He has been one of the best performing mid laner in the LEC. However, moments ago the news broke that Abbedagge was sold to 100 Thieves. Here is what we know so far.

The Move

The news broke hours ago with both teams tweeting a video about the transaction. It was rumored for a few days that 100 Thieves wanted a mid laner for their roster. It was initially reported that Nisqy was the target for 100 Thieves and Abbedagge could potentially join Fnatic. However, as the transaction was confirmed, Abbedagge is indeed headed to NA.

This also comes on the back of Ssumday getting his residency in NA so they have an open import slot that Abbedagge can now fill in. Schalke04 has replaced Abbedagge with Nuclearint who was playing for Schalke’s academy team.

This is a big move for 100 Thieves to make considering the controversy they had with mid lane. This does make 100 Thieves better as a team and it makes sense for them. However, for Schalke04 fans, this is not a good sign.

There are several reports that S04 is struggling financially and their football team could also be relegated from the German Bundesliga. That will also strain their finances substantially and could lead to selling the team. The sale of Abbedagge tells us that the team was in need of finances so they had to sell their highest-paid player to the NA team.

With that context in mid, this is a good move for both teams for different reasons. One team needed a mid laner to get better and the other team needed finances to stay afloat. This is what we know so far and we will post updates as we get them.

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