A Titan Accidentally Appeared in Apex Legends’ Ranked Mode

A weird new bug in Apex Legends’ ranked mode spawns titans out of nowhere in the middle of a match.

We all know titans play a major role in the Titanfall universe, the same universe where the Apex games take place. So, inevitably fans of the franchise were excited to know the existence of a battle royale game based in the same universe.

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Unfortunately, due to balancing concerns, Respawn devs made the decision to remove both Titans and wall running from Apex Legends. The dev’s rationale behind not including titans was simple. According to the devs, titans were a major unbalancing factor to the core experience in a battle royale game like Apex.

Titan Sightings

Now, out of nowhere, titans are being spawned in the ranked game mode. Recent reports by some players suggest titans are appearing out of nowhere especially in the ranked game mode. While it is most likely to be some sort of exploit or visual bug, some believe it might be teasers for an upcoming event.

Previously, another leak from a pretty reliable Apex Legends data miner revealed Blisk’s abilities. And it revealed that Titans might be finally coming to Apex as a part of a legend’s ability. The mere possibility of titans being added to this game really made old Titanfall fans really happy.

This visual anomaly has sparked fierce debate within the Apex community regarding if this was just a bug or something more. Is Respawn actually teasing us right now? We already know Respawn has big plans ahead for the upcoming seasons of Apex Legends.

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Adding titans would really shake things up in Apex in terms of how we play the game. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Apex Legends.

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