A “surrender” option is coming to VALORANT confirmed by the game director

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
3 Min Read
Image Credit: Riot Games

The VALROANT community has been asking for some kind of “surrender” option throughout the whole closed beta.

Seems like their voices have been heard. VALORANT’s game director Joe Ziegler recently announced during an interview that it won’t be available at launch but it will be available soon after the initial global release. Judging by how fast the team has delivered on their promises so far, it shouldn’t take that long for them to implement this feature soon after the global release.

Why players want a surrender option?

Ever since the closed beta, it was pretty apparent that the number of leavers is ruining the whole experience for everyone else. Just right after losing the first few rounds, players would casually leave their team behind. Although with the official release of the game, AFK punishment has been even more severe than the closed beta version of the game.

We have seen a lot less AFKers which is pretty awesome“, Joe Ziegler after implementing more severe punishment for leavers. Even after all that effort players will still leave in the middle of the match. That is why an option to surrender is a necessity in such a team focused game.

However, some players in the community think that adding a “surrender” option would rob them of the opportunity to make any kind of huge comeback. In any competitive 5v5 tactical shooters, a match is not lost until you have fought till the very end. Having an option to surrender at the very beginning without actually properly trying, would actually make it impossible for players to make a fairytale comeback.

At the end of the day, a surrender option is mandatory for any competitive online game at this point. Some times it is hard to keep on fighting a losing battle. And it is just better to start a new match rather than keep struggling in a 3v5 scenario.

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