A “replay” system is in the works for VALORANT confirmed by Devs

A replay system is coming soon

VALORANT’s closed beta has already topped twitch charts with a mind-boggling number of viewers.

Even though the game is still in its closed beta right now, the hype surrounding the game has risen to unprecedented levels. Viewers are turning in to their favorite streamers to get access to the beta key.

With all this excitement came cheaters and abusers who like to ruin the party. Riot of course foreseen this outcome and started to use their ban hammer on these cheaters. Even with all these precautions, there has been a growing consonance among players that some kind of replay system or kill-cam is necessary at this point.

A replay system will be useful not only to see if you are actually killed by a decent player but also it will give players more tools to get better at this game. So players started to ask Riot devs on the official VALORANT subreddit if any kind of similar feature is in the works or not.

Devs respond to the community regarding a possible “replay” system

VALORANT devs on Replay system
Courtesy: VALORANT subreddit

After players wanted some kind of solution Riot finally replied that a “possible solution” is currently in their backlog. But they didn’t give an exact timeline on when we can actually see such a system being implemented in-game. With what happening all around the world, it won’t surprise anyone if this sort of quality of life improvement gets delayed further.

Riot Games has been absolutely proactive when it comes to communicating with their community. When players asked for a Raze nerf they delivered. Therefore, if devs have confirmed that a possible replay system is in the works then we can rest assured that we will see it in-game really soon.

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