A possible two-factor authentication feature is coming to Apex Legends to combat cheaters

2FA should at least help

Cheaters in any free-to-play FPS games is inevitable at this point, and Apex Legends is no exception.

Respawn has been dealing with cheaters with all the methods that are available like an anti-cheat solution, matching cheaters against each other, hardware ID bans, etc. Despite their best efforts cheating in high ELO ranked matches have not seen any decline. Some players are convinced that Respawn’s anti-cheat solution can’t actually identify cheaters. Most of the time cheaters are banned manually through Respawn. A robust anti-cheat solution needs to be considered.

However, it seems that Respawn might be adding two-factor authentication in Apex to combat the overwhelming amount of cheaters. Adding a 2FA will force players to add their mobile phone numbers to log into the games. Unless you are planning to switch phone numbers every time you will less likely to cheat.

2FA is pretty commonplace in countries like South Korea. This extra step further incentivizes the normal populous to not cheat in an online game. Even after all that effort cheating in online games isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The fight between anti-cheat makers and cheaters will be an ongoing one. Afterall cheaters will always find their way around any anti-cheat solution.

Predator lobbies in Apex are littered with more cheaters than Respawn would like to admit. It becomes more apparent for diamond players who are grinding hard to reach the Predator rank. Having your rank demoted for facing cheaters is not something anyone wants in any competitive shooter. However, this 2FA should help out a little bit.


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