A possible reconnect feature is coming to Apex Legends really soon

Finally, a reconnect feature

One of the main frustration of the players in Apex Legends is its server disconnect issues.

After a lot of requests from the Apex community, Respawn has finally responded with a bit of hope. A possible reconnect feature maybe coming really soon. This all happened after TSM_Albralelie tweeted out that his game froze mid-tournament. In that twitter thread Marcel an Apex pro asked the dev if there ever will be a reconnect feature in Apex Legends?

Josh Medina a Producer at Respawn Entertainment replied with “Real Soon“. So a reconnect feature might actually see the light of day in Apex Legends. Players have been begging Resapwn for any similar kind of feature for a long time.

Why players want a reconnect feature ?

Ever since ranked became a thing for Apex Legends, there were always server issues that plagued the competitive scene in Apex. Many times players got disconnected from the match mid-tournament without any way of reconnecting or any other chance of a come back into the game.

Respawn previously told players that they don’t want to give a reconnect feature because players might exploit it for nefarious purposes. So, they avoided it for the most part. Looks like they are finally warming up to the idea. Most of the server issues that players face every day in the competitive lobby can easily be fixed with a simple reconnect feature. Its always good to see Respawn finally listening to the player demand.


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