A Possible Leak Suggests that the Wolverine Skin Could be Coming in Fortnite Season 4

A new leak suggests that the Wolverine Skin and Metal Claws Pickaxe could be coming in season 4.

Fortnite has been getting so many Crossovers that players don’t know what to do. In this season we got Aquaman as the week 7 skin and in the previous season, we got Deadpool. So Some players think all these superhero collaborations are damaging the storytelling of Fortnite.

Still, players who enjoy superhero skins have something new to look forward to in season 4. X-men’s most famous mutant Wolverine is possibly going to make an introduction in season 4 of Fortnite.

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Possible Wolverine skin and Claws Leak

A popular leaker called HYPEX leaked the arrival of a Wolverine skin in Fortnite.

He said, “POSSIBLE Leak: Epic were planning to make a Wolverine skin & Wolverine Claws pickaxe, he might be the season 4 secret skin or just an item shop skin! (this is from a very trusted source)”.

This was all he leaked apparently. So it is still unclear if this leak is in-fact true or not. But HYPEX is known to be one of the most trusted leakers. Hopefully, we get more information about the Wolverine skin and Metal Claws pickaxe in the future.

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