A Possible Fortnite Solo Invite-Only Tournament For Galaxy Skin Owners Has Been Leaked

Fortnite is possibly about to arrange an invite-only solo tournament for Galaxy Skin owners in the near future.

Epic games the creators of Fortnite host many tournaments. Some of them have a cash prize and some of them have free cosmetics as a reward.

Previously Epic Games gave the Komplex skin as a reward to the top 5% players of an Australian tournament. Top 15% got a similarly themed pickaxe and the top 50% got sprays.

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Tournament For Galaxy Skin Owners Only?

Fortnite Leakers have leaked a new Solo tournament in the works for Galaxy owners only. Players who own the Galaxy skin can join this tournament. It is also an invite-only tournament. So that means two requirements must be met to participate. Participants must have the Galaxy skin and they must be invited to join this tournament.

There is no sure confirmation yet if the tournament is for Galaxy skin owners or Galaxy device owners. But the possibility of the tournament being for Galaxy skin owners is high.

Popular Fortnite leaker Hypex shared this on his Twitter

Female Galaxy Skin As Winner Rewards?

Epic games might reward the winners of the Fortnite Galaxy Cup with a Female Galaxy skin. This skin will also feature the same theme as the Galaxy skin.

Thanks to STORMSCAR we can also see how the Galaxy Girl skin might look in-game.

The Galaxy skin is one of the rarest skins in Fortnite so the Galaxy Girl is also going to be something similar. Although the Galaxy Girl skin is not very different from the Galaxy skin the idea of a tournament with only Galaxy skin owners could be pretty fun.

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