A Plague Tale: Requiem – Best Workbench Upgrades

You might want to find out the best workbench upgrades you can have in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

The sequel brings the vintage 14th century France, where you, Amicia, is on the final quest to cure your brother, Hugo’s “curse” once and for all. To reach the end of the line, you will have to go through multiple challenges that require the utmost patience, strategies, and audacity to deal with a swarm of rats. The creepy ambiance will give out the rest of the taste.

A Plague Tale: Requiem wants you to collect all the tools to upgrade your gears to the ultimate form. Needless to say, the best workbench upgrades are far better in A Plague Tale: Requiem than in the prequel. However, in the sequel, the upgrades depend on your playstyle most of the time. With that saying, it’s clear that players will get confused over what and where to spend their resources and, in the meantime, getting the best upgrade they can have.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the best workbench upgrades you can have to taste the ultimate Plague experience—that sound’s wrong.

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Best Workbench Upgrades in A Plague Tale: Requiem

By now, you have already come across all the upgrades from crossbow to enhance your alchemy. As these skills boost your XP gain, there will always be the suggestion to chase after these upgrades from the beginning to experience smoother gameplay. Below are the best upgrades that you should focus on from the very beginning:

Bottomless Bag

  • Tools: 2x
  • Pieces: 60x

Extra carriage in the bag will always be on top for me. Moreover, there is and never will be any downside to this upgrade. In other words, you will never feel like throwing money in the trash after upgrading your bag.

In this upgrade, you will be able to carry additional items from the Alchemy section. The upside, you ask? You will never have to leave behind that fancy upgrading materials ever again. There will be plenty of room for everyone.

Reinforced Bolts

  • Tools: 3x
  • Pieces: 80x

The strongest and one of the best upgrades you can avail in A Plague Tale: Requiem. As the deadly bow is already deadly since its unlocking in Chapter 5: In Our Wake. And if you are planning to ravage and plunder your way, you should focus on upgrading the crossbow to its ultimate perfection.

Moreover, you don’t have to mourn for the lost bolts now. You can reuse that you have already shot on those goons. In other words, you can retrieve the bolts that have already pierced through someone’s heart and use them to pierce someone’s again. And in short words, you now have unlimited ammo.

Strong Fire

  • Tools: 2x
  • Pieces: 65x

Strong Fire is one of the ultimate game-changer. What you will be able to do is you can combine an ignifier and tar pot to create a large-scale fire. Without a doubt, it will be enough to burn some foes to the ground, thanks to the area effect of burning. Easily with a snap, half of the groups can be wiped out.

On top of that, you can stay in the shadow while making this bold move. No one will even know what caused this havoc.

Double Cradle

  • Tools: 2x
  • Pieces: 65x

Double Cradle and Reinforced Bolt fall almost under the same usefulness. With this upgrade, Amicia will now have a second cradle in her swing. That results in swinging her sling two times, even before reloading. You will notice the importance once you proceed to the final chapters. Foes will be hoarding more than ever, and you will need to throw slings more than ever as well.

Belt Cases

  • Tools: 3x
  • Pieces: 85x

The importance of carrying an extra knife and Pyrites in your bag is never-ending. We all make mistakes, and to gear up for that mistake, you need to be prepared with a backup. Say you came across a secret chest while reading the guide from here and are out of knives. Or even, say, the rats might find out you ran out of Pyrites. With these issues in your head, be ready with backups.

These are all the best upgrades you can avail in A Plague Tale: Requiem from the beginning to get into relaxed gameplay if you fancy. Cheers!

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