A New VALORANT Bug Lets Omen Players Move Through Walls

There is a new bug with Omen’s smokes after the VALORANT 2.0 update that lets Omen pass through walls and go into “no clip” mode for a short duration.

Riot Games nerfed the speed of Omen’s smokes with the introduction of the 2.0 patch update to bring him in line with Brimstone. This slow speed nerf basically means that Omen’s smokes now travel slower than before.

This new change has created a new bug with Omen where it lets Omen players achieve “no clip” mode for a short duration while deploying the smokes.

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Omen “No Clip” Bug:

A Reddit user called flamerzx shared a video of the Omen “no clip” bug while using smokes. In the video, we can see the Reddit user playing a match on Haven. At around 10 seconds into the video, the Omen is seen equipping his smokes and we see him teleport along with the smoke and hang in the air above A site.

The “No clip” bug can be used to move through walls and call out enemy positions which can lead to some unwanted situations. If this bug is as consistent as shown in the video then expect to see Omen disabled in VALORANT until Riot fixes this bug.

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