A new Omen bug in VALORANT allows you to see through walls

This omen bug is totally broken right now

Riot Games launched VALORANT globally on June 2 and players are already finding out new bugs almost every day.

This particular bug can help you see through walls if you are playing as Omen. Even with all the bugs that they discovered in the closed beta and patched with the official release, with the global launch players stress-tested the game at its limit to find new game-breaking bugs. With the official launch of VALORANT, Riot decided to change how Omen’s dark cover ability works to give players more control over where they want to place that ability.

As it turns out you can see through walls using Omen’s new implementation of dark cover. If you repeatedly spam R while using the dark cover, you can clearly see through any walls as demonstrated in the clip. Furthermore, there are also some areas on the map that Jett can get into by using her ability to hold impossible corners.

How to play Omen in Valorant | Gamepur
Image via gamepur.com

Back in the closed beta, players couldn’t find this specific bug cause the whole implementation was different. Players also complained that dark cover was difficult to place on a vertical surface. Riot addressed the player’s complaint and implemented the new way to throw smokes.

When Riot announced that VALORANT was going to launch globally on June 2, many big streamers like Shroud were concerned that the game was not ready for a global launch. According to many streamers like Shroud, VALORANT needed to be in the oven for a few more weeks. Although the general populous thought otherwise. Most players just wanted to get their hands on the new tactical shooter from Riot.

As with any major live service game release, there will always be bugs like these. Riot should remove these exploitative bugs as soon as possible. With how communicative the VALORANT dev team has been in the past, it is pretty safe to assume that they are going to fix it fairly soon.


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