A new leak reveals upcoming “Tropic Island” map in Apex Legends may support Wildlife and Trident

A recent leak by a pretty reliable Apex Legends data miner suggests the next “Tropic Island” map might feature Wildlife and Vehicles.

It has been some time since Respawn released a new map into the current map pool. The last map Olympus was released back in season 7 of Apex Legends. Following that, Respawn only made slight tweaks to existing maps like Olympus, World’s Edge, and Kings Canyon to keep things fresh for players, but hasn’t launched a new map.

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Back in 2020, Shrugtal, one of the most prominent Apex Legends data miners hinted that Respawn was working on a new map codenamed “Tropic Island“. According to Shrugtal, this new map may be based on some sort of island with a tropical paradise.

Wildlife in the new Tropic Island map

However, a recent leak by the same data miner has revealed Respawn might introduce AI wildlife into the mix similar to the bloodhound’s trials in the World’s Edge map. Although it isn’t certain if Respawn is only planning to add wildlife to a certain portion of the map or it will be a major new gimmick in the new map.

Trident friendly

Also, the next map will be vehicles friendly as data found in the game files suggests Respawn is testing out Trident. Meaning the new map might be as big or even bigger than Olympus in terms of size since Trident requires a decent amount of space to be driven freely.

On top of that, the map might feature muddy surfaces since Trident with muds on them were found in the game files. There are also hints of the new map having different elevations based on sound effects found during the data mining session.

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All in all, this new map seems like a tropical paradise with vehicles and wildlife. The new map might arrive fairly soon as Respawn has been working on it for almost a year. Based on the previous map release timeline, there is a good possibility this map might be added in a future update fairly soon.

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