A new leak in Apex Legends suggests Loba holding an object with missing animation for a possible future event

New animation leaked

A new leak has surfaced on the internet that showcases Loba stealing some kind of object hinting towards a possible future event.

One of the most reliable figures in the Apex Legends data mining scene Biast12(Tobias) on twitter revealed an animation that features Loba. However, the object in question, that she appears to be holding is still missing all of its animations.

From what we can observe from the short clip, it is clear that Respawn might have scrapped it for a possible future event. Since it clearly indicates Loba stealing some kind of artifact, it also could be a part of The Broken Ghost quest. The first act of the quest awarded players with one part of an artifact. So, theoretically after finding all the missing pieces we can actually see what we are slowly building towards.

Although the same data miner already leaked what we are gradually heading towards. And apparently it has deep links with the next possible legend. Of course all these theories are not officially confirmed as of yet. As Respawn usually likes to work ahead, there is a good chance that we might not get any glimpse of what this animation is actually from any time soon.

However from what we already know of Loba and how she has a knack for stealing, these leaked animations strongly suggest some kind of heist mission where she allegedly gets her hands on some kind of “artifact”. Keep in mind that at this point all of these are still pure speculation.

Season 5 thus far has been received really well. Initially all those hit registration issues kind of ruined the beginning of a really good season. Respawn has finally fixed those issues with a new client-side patch and that should be the end of the whole “no reg” saga.


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