A new leak in Apex Legends suggests Crypto and Bloodhound using Pathfinder’s passive ability

This will truly make pathfinder mains sad

If you were under the impression that the new nerfs to Pathfinder is the worst possible thing that Respawn has done to our beloved walking refrigerator then you are in for quite a shock.

In light of the recent leaks, it seems Respawn has more plans to completely shift the current legend meta away from Pathfinder. With the launch of Apex Legends season 5, Pathfinder already got a nerf in the form of an increased cooldown time between each grapple. However, the new leaks suggest that Pathfinder’s passive “insiders knowledge” that allows you and your squadmates to get information regarding the next ring location might not be exclusive to this friendly robot anymore.

From the leaks, it is pretty clear that both Crypto and Bloodhound have voice lines stating that they can figure out the next ring location. Even though both of them are recon characters, only Pathfinder has this passive ability to scan survey beacons. The ability to find the location of the next ring is so valuable that it guaranteed pathfinder a place in the pro teams’ roster.

Big buffs to Crypto and Bloodhound confirmed?

Judging by all the leaks, it is really apparent that Crypto and Bloodhound might get some additional buffs or reworks in the future. However, keep in mind that these are all data-mined. Seeing how Respawn usually works months in advance, we may not see any new changes to the meta any time soon. Therefore all the pathfinder mains can take it easy for a bit.

Respawn is actively working towards shifting the whole meta from the whole Wraith, Pathfinder, and Watson combo to a completely new combination of different Legends. Having the flexibility to use a more diverse roster of Legends in the high ELO is a win-win situation for everyone. Stagnation isn’t a good indication for any live service multiplayer game like Apex. Respawn is taking all the possible steps to get away from a stagnated meta.

Since Respawn hasn’t made anything official yet, we might not see them any time soon. But, all these buffs to legends like Mirage, Revenant, Bloodhound, etc are a step in the right direction.

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