A new leak in Apex Legends suggests ‘bows and arrows’ as a new weapon type might be coming soon

A new leak in Apex Legends strongly suggests another new type of weapon might be under development.

In season 8, Respawn introduced a lever-action weapon called ’30-30 Repeater’. But it seems like they might still be working on something that is completely new for Apex. Recent leaks from some pretty reliable data miners suggest bows and arrows are currently being tested to add as a new weapon class in the game.

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Furthermore, a hop-up might also be under development called ‘Shatter Rounds’. Apparently, there are also color references found in the game files for ‘standard’ and ‘shatter’ arrow tips. This strongly suggests Respawn might be playtesting some sort of bow type weapon in the game.

Bows and Arrows in Apex

Based on all these leaks, seems like Respawn is currently playtesting these weapons to make sure they fit in the game. However, just because it is found in the game files doesn’t mean that it is officially confirmed.

Respawn likes to work in advance to avoid crunch at the last moment. And this weapon could still be cut from the game if it turns out to be not a good fit for Apex Legends. So, take these leaks with a grain of salt. Although there were rumors about this new weapon class being added to the game in the last couple of seasons.

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Currently, Respawn has a pretty healthy balance of unique weapons in the game. And in season 8, they introduced a lever-action weapon which is a first for Apex. It sure does sound like a lot of fun if they can somehow make bows and arrows really effective in the current weapon meta of Apex Legends.