A New Game-breaking glitch in Valorant makes it impossible to outflank Killjoy turrets

The appearance of a new glitch in Valorant is almost rendering Killjoy’s turret indestructible. Specifically in the map Haven, players are left with no decisive options to counter this turret glitch. 

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Initially released alongside Valorant ACT 2, Killjoy’s role in Valorant is undeniably important. Killjoy is considered as a vanguard agent responsible for seeking out enemy flankers. In most cases, players are forced to avoid congested locations to bypass Killjoy Alarm-bots and Swarm Grenades. However, dodging Killjoy’s turret without wrecking it normally requires smokes.

The presence of a sentinel is vital for huge maps like Haven. Recently identified by Reddit user pinki97, a glitch is supposedly allowing players to mount Killjoy turrets inside the walls in Haven mid-doors area. Once mounted, the turret is also able to accurately engage enemies through the wall. Given the concealed position of the turret, it is impossible to react to this threat.

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Valorant is not unfamiliar with glitches identical to this one. The inauguration of Valorant ACT 3 has witnessed a hefty amount of bugs and glitches. Apparently, Riot Games is undertaking the development of a bug-free version of Killjoy. However, Riot is yet to deploy any sort of quick fix for this newly arrived glitch.

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