A new COD Warzone ban wave hits 20,000 players including a popular streamer

Recently Activision has been hammering down on major in-game cheat providers to reduce the cheating issue in Warzone. After the initial rollout of the Season 6 update, Activision issued a ban wave that caught over 20,000 players who were reportedly using the same services from a cheats provider called “EngineOwning”. A popular Warzone Twitch streamer “Wagnificentt” also got hit by the ban wave.

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Activision and Infinity Ward successfully tracked down cheats from a particular Warzone cheat manufacturer known as “EngineOwning“. Previously, cheats originating from this provider have been undetectable and untraceable by Activision. Earlier this week, EnginwOwning’s website disclosed that their cheats are now compromised and detectable by Activision.

Wagnificentt’s Ban Situation

Unsurprisingly, yet another Twitch streamer got hit with the ban wave. Since the past few months, many Warzone streamers got caught red-handed while using cheats on their live-streams. This time, however, a popular streamer called “Wagnificentt” lost his account after the EngineOwning ban went live.

Meanwhile, Nick Wagner stated on Twitter that his ban is unjustified and “False”. A few hours ago, Nick created a new Warzone Account named “FreeWag” to continue his live stream until Activision is able to justify the ban. Nick has been quite positive about the ban situation and his Twitch account received no immediate action.

EngineOwning’s Current State

EngineOwning’s offered various types of cheats including precise wallhacks, trigger bots, radar hacks, and aimbots. They were best known for their invisibility to the Warzone anti-cheat system. EngineOwnig’s cheats could easily bypass any anti-cheat measurement taken by Warzone developers until now. Activision issued several different lawsuits against cheat manufacturers in the past, most notably “CXCheats”. Although it’s unclear whether Activision will again choose this method to deal with EngineOwning too.

Warzone developers have been battling with cheaters ever since the release. Some decent development has been made throughout the past few months, nevertheless, cheaters are always adapting to any orthodox anti-cheat measurements being thrown at them. In contrast, the developers are somehow lagging behind these cheaters.

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