A leak suggests 3 completely new weapons are currently under development for Apex Legends

A new leak from a pretty reliable Apex Legends data miner has revealed three new weapons that are currently undergoing testing at Respawn.

According to the data miner, Respawn is apparently working on three separate weapons for the game. The first one is the EPG from the Titanfall series. EPG was primarily used by titans and Respawn is trying to make some tweaks to make it usable in a battle royale game.

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The second one is the compound bow. The rumor surrounding Respawn playtesting bows and arrows for Apex Legends has been out in the wild for some time now. Ground loot that looks awfully similar to arrows can be seen in the background of multiple official dev blogs.

A first look at Dragon

And the last weapon is called “Dragon”. It is apparently an LMG that uses light ammo. So, most fans are speculating that Respawn might be working on another SMG-type weapon. Based on the leaked description, it might be a hybrid between an LMG and an SMG.

Furthermore, the leaker suggests Dragon might not be a care package only weapon, but that could change if Respawn decides to spice things up a bit. Since care package only weapons are the highest tier of weapons in the game, the dragon can only be eligible for that status if Respawn maxes out all the damaging parameters.

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As with every other leak, these weapons are basically leaked from a playtesting session and they should be taken with a grain of salt since things could still drastically change before the final release.

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