A DirectX error related to Patch 1.14 won’t allow players to launch VALORANT

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: RIOT Games

Players are reporting the appearance of a new error that’s preventing them from properly launching VALORANT.

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RIOT globally released Patch 1.14 just a few days ago. As expected, the new patch has brought some unexpected guests. Players are reportedly experiencing a startup error after installing the latest patch. Outdated/corrupted system files are mainly responsible for DirectX errors, but this might not be the case with VALORANT players.

In Reddit, several players have stated the issue. Standard procedures like reinstalling or restarting won’t restore the game to its usual state. Also, the reproduction rate is high, so it’s not a random error generated by the game or operating system. Redditor Shazah_Gaming‘s bug report has caught the attention of others who are facing the same issue. Even worse, the error seems to be temporarily stalling PCs for some users.

Under normal circumstances, a GPU driver update would solve the DirectX error, but it appears to endure any typical measurement taken by the players. Many players have already tried reinstalling the entire Operating System; even that would not rectify the error. It has been reported that up-to-date systems with adequate support for DirectX 10 are showing identical error messages.

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RIOT officials are yet to acknowledge the presence of this startup error. Considering the scale of this issue, it’s apparent that developers will sort out a way to fix this interference. However, Patch 1.14 has summoned the infamous “Stuttering” issue for some users as well. Hopefully, RIOT will be quick to react to the community feedbacks.

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