A cryptic tweet from Respawn suggests Titanfall 3 might actually be in the works

Respawn Entertainment entered the highly competitive AAA FPS gaming market with the Titanfall series of video games.

As Titanfall was developed by former Call of Duty devs, it wasn’t a big surprise that the newly formed studio’s first attempt at making a video game was also an FPS game. But unlike CoD, Respawn went on and delivered a futuristic shooter where the freedom of movement was the key selling factor.

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While the first entry didn’t top every single chart, its much-improved sequel aptly named “Titanfall 2” impressed both fans and critics with an amusing single-player mode. Squished between the release of a new Battlefield and a Call of Duty game, Titanfall 2 was doomed to fail.

However, years after the launch of Titanfall 2, the game had a literal second coming of sorts after its battle royale spin-off Apex Legends started to dominate the FPS market. As more and more fans dipped their toes into Titanfall 2, Respawn started to receive a lot of applause from new fans.

Image via Respawn

Consequently, the talk of a sequel started to gain momentum, and the rumor mill started to go absolutely crazy. Unfortunately, Respawn eventually called off all the rumors and stated that Titanfall 3 is not in development.

Titanfall 3 might be happening

However, a recent tweet from Respawn just poured gasoline on the rumors of them secretly working on a sequel to the much-beloved Titanfall 2.

In the tweet, Respawn stated that Titanfall is in their DNA. While they didn’t actually come out and say that they were indeed working on something, the last line of that tweet did start a lot of speculation.

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Also, a recent Nvidia driver leak revealed a lot of unannounced video games. Unsurprisingly, Titanfall 3 was one of them. While this doesn’t confirm the existence of the title altogether, it does further give life to the rumor mill and gives fans hope for a possible sequel.

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