A critical bug in VALORANT won’t allow players to launch the game

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

After the release of Patch 2.05, some players are facing a severe bug that might be related to Riot Vanguard. 

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Patch 2.05 introduced many new things to the game, including some changes, mostly related to AFK players & chat offenders. Additionally, Riot also fixed some minor bugs, which solved some issues with Cypher’s Spycam, Astra’s VO & Sova’s Owl Drone. Despite these changes, players are now reporting the presence of a game-breaking bug causing the game not to launch properly. 

Initially, the bug doesn’t even show any error messages or crash reports. Some players even reported that they could not open or view the Task Manager window while trying to fix the problem. Ultimately, the bug triggers an infinite loading screen, leaving the players with no options to relaunch the game. As per Redditor Affectionate_Gift916‘s report, the bug seems to endure through any attempt at reinstalling the game.

Screen Grab Via: r/VALORANT

While Riot is yet to acknowledge the bug, some players managed to avoid the issue by re-installing Riot Vanguard after a full system restart. Although, the solution might not be applicable for everyone. The bug appears to be present in multiple regions, specifically in North America, Europe & Asia. According to the players, this bug also has a reproduction rate of 100%, making it apparent that it’s not a random occurrence. 

So far, Riot officials did not share any acknowledgement about this issue. On social media platforms like Twitter, VALORANT players are also sharing their disappointment over this matter. Now, players will have to wait until Riot dispatches a hotfix to neutralize this bug.   

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