9-year-old Fortnite Streamer Allegedly Scammed the Whole Twitter to Rally Behind Him

9-year-old Fortnite streamer Zenon Allegedly scammed the whole Twitter to rally behind #FreeZenon.

Zenon is a 9-year-old Brazilian Fortnite streamer. Fortnite banned him from all playlists for 4 years due to being underage. Twitter was in an uproar yesterday over the ban of Zenon and #FreeZenon quickly was trending over on Twitter.

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Even Big Names like Ninja, Dakotaz, and countless others supported Zenon and Pleaded epic to lift the ban. But apparently, there was a mistranslation. People who speak the language or who took the time to translate the ban message properly didn’t get the wrong idea. But a majority of people didn’t know the full story all the other tweets swayed their opinion and made them rally behind the 9-year-old to unban him.

He was banned from the arena mode and later was unbanned because it was a technical fault from Epic Games. When Epic Games banned him from competitive he was also banned from the arena which was not intended.

A lot of people thought he was banned from all game modes of Fortnite and bashed Epic games for banning a 9-year-old kid. Ninjas also didn’t know the full story and he thought Zenon was banned from all modes. That’s why in his tweet he said that Zenon should not be banned from all game modes.

Fortnite’s Statement regarding Zenon’s Ban

Fortnite is a competitive game that requires players to be at least 13 years of age before they can compete in a competitive playlist. According to Fortnite, a law states that a participant must be 13 years of age at the minimum to participate in any official tournament.

Epic terms and conditions snip
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Zenon Broke The Law

With all the new evidence that came to light, there is a good possibility that Zenon is the one who might be guilty. All the evidence suggests that he broke the rules but did not get punished in any way for it. He only got banned from playing competitively for 4 years which he wasn’t supposed to do from the beginning. So in a sense, he scammed Twitter to rally behind him even when he was the one who was in the wrong.

A Popular Fortnite Youtuber named “thatdenverguy” Tweeted this

Zenon amassed a lot of followers in such a short amount of time because of #FreeZenon. He broke the law and instead of getting punished got a huge amount of followers.

Another Twitter user said this

So it seems that a lot of people did not know the full story and jumped in to bash Epic Games. But here we can see that he broke the rules and still did not get a severe punishment. Zenon and his father might have planned this out from the begining and for that, they got many followers on twitter in such a short time.

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