80% Of The New Battlefield 6 Trailer Has Been Leaked Online

We have yet another leak from the upcoming Battlefield 6 trailer.

The new Battlefield only seems to get more and more leaks as we get closer to its trailer. In the past week, we already had some leaks from the Battlefield 6 trailer. However, today a Redditor who has leaked it claims these series of images consists of 80% of Battlefield 6’s leaked trailer. We all are eager to see what EA and DICE have in store for us as we get closer to June. According to insiders, Battlefield 6 is supposed to get a reveal trailer in June.

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80% of Battlefield Trailer Leaked Speculation

Besides the trailer, we also have confirmations about a battle royal in Battlefield. A battle royal mode does not spark surprise as it has become seemingly popular in the past few years. But will it be able to beat its top competitor, Call Of Duty? Only time can tell. Call Of Duty has its own free battle royal, which has topped the streaming charts and player count. If the Battlefield battle royal is not free, it could be pretty tough for them to do the same.

The images shared were quite blurry with a meme watermark over them, but it does give us a good look at the trailer itself. Some fans have created a gif version which makes it into a trailer without sound. You can check out both the pictures and the gif in the link above.

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The images that got leaked earlier match the ones that have oozed now. Furthermore, the next game according, to the trailer the game will be called “Battlefield”. The game trailer will come out anytime soon in June, but we are waiting to get further confirmation from EA and DICE.

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